90% of organizations have 1 source of funding that accounts for 90% of their total funding. Is your funding diverse or do you rely on a singular "eggs in one basket" solution? BUILD CAPACITY REQUEST A CONSULTATION 60% of nonprofits report they don't use data to make decisions Do you have the data, but don't know how to use it? REQUEST A CONSULTATION USE DATA bigger Do you have an issue to address that is REQUEST A CONSULTATION than what one organization can solve? MOBILIZE PARTNERS

Transform Consulting Group is a data-informed, strategic consulting firm.

You are doing important work. You are transforming the lives of children and families in your community. We applaud you and want to be a part of your impact! At Transform Consulting Group, we are mission-driven. We are a team of former social workers, educators, and practitioners. We understand your challenges, we want to learn what motivates you, and we’d love to help you meet your goals.

What do you need?

You have big goals for your organization, but everything goes back to capacity. We do not want to see a lack of knowledge, staffing shortage, or decreased funding stand in the way of your impact.

We know data can be overwhelming, but you cannot ignore it. Let us help you make sense of data, visualize data, tell your story of impact with data, and make data management simple.

You represent an important cause, and your work impacts the lives of so many. However, you feel tapped out. You need help. Let’s pull together stakeholders & make a plan to tackle these important issues together.

What to do next?